Welcome to Premier Fitness Tyler. We are located at 5604 Donnybrook Ave. (Behind Lowe's) Tyler, TX | 903-939-3100

Personal Training

We have adopted an integrated approach to fitness that will help keep you motivated longer and allow you to see results quickly. We are committed to providing a variety of programming opportunities while offering the education and motivation you need to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

We believe that success can be achieved by following basic components of fitness that are based on the laws of human physiology and are a collective formula designed to meet any fitness goal(s).  Individualizing these components will allow you to achieve your goals safely and effectively while performing an optimal amount of exercise and consuming the best possible amounts and types of food. Premier Personal Training gives you the tools you need to get fit and stay fit.

Our personal training professionals have the skill and the knowledge to help you get the results you are looking for. Our trainers put into practice what they teach. They deliver passion and motivation as they deliver customized, safe and efficient workouts.